Cozylady LED Strip Lights Instructions


1.Due to electrostatic phenomenon in winter, please rub the metal or use anti-static gloves before powering on, to avoid breaking down the internal components.(Light strip series only)
2.Attention: No twisting or folding on light beads and strip panels for they are fragile.When you are installing the item alone, please be careful and not to unroll too long a length on the floor for it easily causes twisting and knotting, resulting in unintentional breaking of the circuit panel during the effort to straight the light strip up.

During installation, we suggest to find someone to help you hold and unroll the light strip, as twisting of light strip could be avoided.


Full light strip connection display

Key points of Installation

Light strip pairing method

Once the light is powered on, it goes directly to pairing mode with fast flashing green light: Control by remote requires pressing the Off button and then the On button first to activate the function.

Remote Control Basic Functions

Instructions for App connection 

Attention: Currently Wifi controller is compatible with 2.4G signal source only, not 5G. It suits with home used Wifi only, not public Wifi.
Step 1.Connect the light strip correctly and power on. Scan the QR code on the Smart Wifi Controller and download the Tuya Smart App or Smart Life App.(Tuya Recommended)

Step 2.Open the Tuya Smart App and create an new account (please memorize your login information) or log in directly with existing account.

Step 3.Press the power On button on the right corner of the controller and hold it or turn the Power Off Controller on and off 3-5 times(not recommended), until the light strip starts to flash that means the controller has entered Pairing Mode.

Attention:There are two pairing modes: Fast Flashing Mode(1 flicker/0.5 sec) and Slow Flashing Mode(1 flicker/3 sec). The Fast Flashing Mode is recommended for quick connection with the App. 【 If the Slow Flashing Mode is on, press the Off button of the controller and then press the On Button and hold it until the Fast Flashing Mode(in which the light is actually blinking fast)is on.】

 Mobile APP connection method

Click the “+” on the upper right or click “Add Device” - “lighting” - “Strip Lights”.

Step 4. Click "Next" (and when the light is actually blinking fast) click "is fast blinking", and then choose a 2.4G Home Wifi and enter with password.

Step 5. Wait for a few seconds for successful connection with the home router and then you can name the controller as you want, such as 【light4】. Lastly, click “Done” to finish the setting and the light strip is now controllable by your phone.

Attention: If there occurs case of connection failure as showed in the graph below, please confirm first whether the controller is connected to 5G network. If so, you would need to restart the process and switch to 2.4G network.

How to connect Alexa

1. Follow the instructions and set up internet configuration on TuyaSmart App(2.4G Home Wifi)
2.First make sure your Amazon Echo device is connected to Home Wifi.
3.Tips for key steps
Step 1 :Open the Tuya Smart App and click ‘Me’ in the lower right Corner.
Step 2 : Click ‘More Services’.

Step 3 : Click “Alexa”, and then log in the Amazon account that you used to sign in Alexa.

If any problem, please feel free to contact us and we will follow up quickly and do our best to help you for your satisfaction.
Please email us at

4. Common commands Control the device via voice commands Now you can control your smart device with Echo. You can control your device (such as your bedroom light) with the following commands: Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light. (Turn on/off the light) Alexa, set bedroom light to 50 percent. (Set the light to any brightness) Alexa, brighten/dim bedroom light. (Increase/weaken the brightness of the light) Alexa, set bedroom light to green. (Adjust the color of the light)